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In this article we will answer the question, what is gravel riding? and provide you with some useful tips on how to get started as well as answer some of the most commonly asked questions about gravel bikes and gravel riding.

So what is Gravel Riding? Gravel cycling started in the USA where they have a huge amount of space with a lot of long fire roads. Gravel cycling evolved from riders riding these long stretches of gravel and fire roads. …

The other night I decided whilst it was still dry to take my camera gear up to my local trails and try out some long exposure photography. Now that the nights are drawing in much sooner it was time to charge up my Exposure Lights and hit the trails.

Photographer: Will Brett-Atkin

I decided to do this shoot with my GoPro Hero 9 over my big camera as I wanted to try out the new and improved night photography settings.

Getting the exposure time took some trial and error plus timing the shot as this was a solo photoshoot experiment meaning I needed to trigger the shutter as well as ride.

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